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A cinematic advancement made affordable.

FocusMARK is a high accuracy ultrasonic sensor measuring the actors distance from the camera in real time.
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Real Time Measuring

FocusMARK offers fast and accurate real time measurements up to 23ft

Elegant Design

Easy to use MODE systems to quickly make adjustments.

  • Offset FocusPlane
  • Adjust Brightness

Affordable Pricing

We've made FocusMARK affordable to allow this tool set to be used in more productions worldwide.

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Robust Tools

FocusMARK is made from Steel and Aluminum. Powder coated black finish.

Laser Pointer

With a built in Laser pointer to accurately make placements.

Professional Connections

FocusMARK uses all industry standard LEMO cable. With reverse polarity protection.

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Designed by filmmakers, for your next gig

Sonderlux is a growing company in the heart of Silicon Valley.

We are leveraging price and demand to keep quality at it's highest. Bringing the best cinema tools available.

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It's fast, easy to use and set up within a minute or two. Snappy. Super simple to get the offset, set. Also the LED brightness is great for outdoor.

Isiah Flores

Isiah Flores

Filmmaker | First AC

Very easy to use and accurate. Fast respond time too! Highly recommend it when it comes out.

Isiah Flores

Margues Mallare

First AC | Camera Op